Aesthetic Services


A facial performed by our spa technicians will hydrate your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines by means of exfoliation and stimulating the growth of new skin cells. Facials help maintain a more youthful, radiant appearance, a healthier glow, and more even skin tone.


Using a fine surgical blade, the superficial dead skin and fine facial hair is gently removed to immediately exfoliate the region resulting in a fresh vibrant appearance to the skin. Perfect for when you need a rapid facial rejuvenation for that special event.


A medical grade diamond tipped wand is rubbed along the skin and a powerful vacuum removes the dead abraded tissue encouraging superficial repair of the aging damaged tissue improving the tone and texture of the treated skin.

Chemical Peels

Various strength hydroxyl acids, retinols and other skin safe acids are applied in a controlled fashion to cause repair to the superficial skin. Depending on your skin type, sensitivity, and repair needs your treatment will be individualized to ensure your best and safest treatment

Cosmetic Services



A series of injections for the temporary improvement in the frown and wrinkle lines of the forehead, the 11's, crows feet, bunny nose, and the forehead creases.  The results can last up to 4 months. It helps erase the years and worry lines for that fresh young look, and is also effective for relief of chronic headaches, TMJ, and excessive underarm sweating.


The most common and effective treatment for lip enhancement and treatment of both superficial and deep lines and grooves in the face.  It is a gel identical to that which is produced naturally by the body and provides temporary filling in areas that have lost volume due to ageing and sun-damage. 


This is the long term solution that repairs deep facial grooves and lines of the face and restores volume in areas of collagen, fat and bone loss that are the hallmark of the ageing face.  Unlike the other temporary fillers that last only 6-12 months, Bellafill is the longest lasting filler on the market, lasting beyond 5 years with many patients still showing benefits 7-9 years later.  It is the most studied filler on the market with a safety profile at 10 years that is outstanding. Because of the long-term benefits, it is only available in a limited number of practices.  Dr. Clemons has trained many injectors all across the USA in the proper techniques in injecting Bellafill and has over 10 years experience with the product.

Silhouette Instalift

This is an in office procedure to lift and re contour your face with immediate results and no downtime.  A reabsorable suture is placed under the skin and the overlying tissue is gently massaged and redirected away from your central face.  It is a non surgical alternative to a face lift for mild to moderate sagging of the mid-face and jowls. 

Skin Tighening

Thermi Smooth

Radio Frequency Energy is used to direct heat to the areas of loose, lax skin causing a "Shrink Wrap" effect that tightens collagen and lifts and supports skin painlessly without surgery or downtime.  The most common areas treated are the forehead, around the eyes, neck, under arms, abdomen and thighs.


A noninvasive procedure using focused ultrasound waves to lift skin on the brow, neck and under the chin.  These sound waves heat the tissue stimulating new collagen and elastin tightening skin tissue with no downtime or scars. 

Fat Reduction

Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq Cryolipolysis)

The #1 non invasive fat destruction procedure with millions of treatments performed world wide.  This FDA approved treatment is safe and effective with no downtime.  Fat cells are frozen resulting in their permanent destruction with no surgery, no needles and no downtime.  Not for weight loss but to remove fat from those body areas that diet and exercise will not touch.  Areas effectively treated are under the chin, bra fat, back fat, flanks, love handles, abdomen, under the buttock, inner and outer thigh and above the knees, and  upper inner arms. 

Thermi Tight

Using radio frequency sound waves delivered below the skin through a small needle-stick insertion point, the temperature of the region can be raised to melt fat and tighten skin.  The procedure is usually painless with little or no downtime and a single treatment is all that is necessary.  Local anesthesia is used and the targeted area is treated with precise temperature control. Under the chin, neck, upper inner arms, abdomen, below the buttock, thighs, and  above the knees are the most common targeted areas. 

HCG Diet

One of the most rapid weight loss procedures, this diet combines a small daily fat burning  hormone injection with a specific diet plan which allows most patients to lose 1/2 -1 pound each day.

Skin Rejuvenation

C02RE Laser Resurfacing

The fractionated co2 laser targets the superficial, mid, or deep areas of the skin to deliver energy as heat, resulting in dramatic improvement of skin tone and texture in sun damaged skin. It also improves the appearance of age spots, deep wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, large pores, and small facial skin growths.  The intensity of the treatment is individualized to the regions of your face and the severity of damaged skin needing repair;  you actually develop new healthy young skin! 

Acne and Surgical Scar Repair

Depending on the type of scar, we can treat with Bellefill to raise depressed scars, strong chemical peel for ice pick type scars, CO2 Laser Resurfacing for large craterform scars and skin growths, and micro-needling for repair of milder defects.  Persistent stretch marks can also be successfully treated. A free consultation is needed to discuss the proper treatment for  your complexion problem.  The proper topical skim treatment products are prescribed to ensure the best long term results. 

Collagen PIN Microneedling

After numbing the skin with a cream, a motorized device is used to introduce thousands of small microchannels deeply into the skin. These channels allow therapeutic agents to penetrate deeply into the skin in order to begin the repair process in the aging skin.

Chemical Peel

Various strength hydroxyl acids, retinols, and other skin safe acids are applied in a controlled fashion in order to cause repair to the superficial skin.  Depending on your skin type, sensitivity, and repair needs your treatment will be individualized to ensure your best and safest treatment. Repeat treatments are recommended to reduce your downtime and safely optimize your results.

Laser Treatment

Hair Reduction (Laser Hair Removal)

Unwanted hair can be a problem on the face, chin, brows, chest, bikini region, and legs.  The proper laser and appropriate scheduled plan of treatments can result in considerable improvement with reduction in amount and density of hair in the treated region.  Several treatments over a planned schedule of treatments will result in success with hair reduction. 

Facial Veins and Redness

The V Beam pulsed dye laser is the most effective safe treatment for superficial veins, redness, vascular growths and unsightly surgical and burn scars.  Serveral treatments, often in conjunction with other treatments can effectively improve the appearance and function of the region. 

Leg Veins

Depending on the size, color, and the location of the veins superficially or deep, they can be successfully treated with laser or with injection sclerotherapy.  A free consultation will be necessary to determine the safest and most effective treatment plan. 

Women's Health

Vaginal Rejuvenation (Thermi VA)

Whether because of child birth, decrease in sexual hormones, ageing or anatomic abnormalities vaginal dysfunction can rob you of youth and vitality and create significant problems "down there".  Using radio frequency sound waves and a small thin "wand"  the vaginal area can be treated both internally and externally safely, painlessly and with no down time.  We have successfully treated urinary stress incontinence, vaginal dryness, lessened vaginal sensitivity, recurrent vaginal infections, senile vaginal changes, painful intercourse, decrease vaginal organisms episodes, and vaginal "looseness".  This truly has been a life altering procedure in many patients with greater than 90% extreme satisfaction after 3 treatments.  Cancer treatment patients that cannot use hormonal replacement therapy are especially effectively treated with this "Best in Class" vaginal restoration treatment. 

Urinary Stress Incontinence

Childbirth and the effects of ageing skin can result in weakness and looseness of the vaginal skin.  One result can be the loss of bladder control resulting in urine leakage with stress, coughing, lifting or even minor activity.  By tightening the vaginal tissue we can provide support back to the pelvic floor and improve the structural integrity of the region without surgery or specialized exercise routines.

Medical Services

Medical Grade Skin Repair Products

These medical grade skin repair products repair both superficial and deep tissue damaged by sun, ageing hormone loss, and environmental damage. Rather than camouflage the damaged region, they promote repair and rejuvenation resulting in a healthy refreshed appearance.

General or Lesional Skin Exam

On your Birthday, everyone should get their 'Birthday Suit' examined. Skin Cancer is a gentleman, in that it typically warns us before it comes dangerous. If you have a lesion that worries you or if you simply would just like to have a check up, call us and schedule your concierge visit. Insurances are not accepted. 


If your over the counter medication is not effective, let us see if our medical grade skin care products or prescriptive oral medication can help.

Why Us?

Dr. Clemons is a board certified Dermatologist who has provided skin care to the tri-cites for 30 years. He received his training through the U.S Army, retiring as a colonel in 1987.

He has trained many Physicians and other medical personnel in Dermatology and cosmetic skin repair and has pioneered the use of multiple medical devices and procedures in the region. He retired from General  Dermatology in 2010 and has narrowed the scope of his practice to cosmetic Dermatology with emphasis on repair of the aging face, skin tightening and fat destruction.